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Eleanor Preston

Dress Isobel

Photography: John Aron

Hair & Makeup: Louise from Elevate Bridal

Flowers: Bursting Bud

Wedding Venue: The London Oratory

Eleanor and Joe married in July 2020 at The London Oratory, Brompton Road. The church, renowned for its beautiful baroque architecture and music, allowed them to hold their dream wedding in a safe way.

Eleanor looked beautiful in her sheer applique long-sleeve ‘Isobel’ gown from our ‘Enamoured’ Collection with our ‘Constance‘ veil.

How did you find the process of planning with COVID-19 restrictions?

The lead up to our wedding day was a joyful but stressful time, especially with the continuing uncertainty of not knowing whether we would be able to hold our wedding publicly. Seeing several friends sadly forced to cancel or postpone theirs made the future of ours uncertain, but thankfully the lifting of restrictions was announced just in time for us to give our legal notice (on the last day too!) and recommence our planning over the space of three weeks!

The most significant adaptation had to be the postponement of our reception (we’ve promised our guests a party next year), but we were fortunate enough to be able to organise a low key but delightful celebration at a nearby pub afterwards.

Eleanor wearing Sassi Holford Isobel

What made you choose a Sassi Holford gown?
After spending a few weeks searching, I came across Sassi Holford’s stunning 2020 Enamour Collection, and immediately fell in love with the beautiful ‘Isobel’ dress.
Although I had always thought that I  would try on a number of dresses before finding ‘the one’, ‘Isobel’ was the first wedding dress I ever tried, and I knew immediately it was the one for me. I loved the gorgeous fabric and the needlework of the dress, for which I also chose a beautiful matching Constance Veil from Sassi’s collection during my first appointment.

What was the main inspiration behind your wedding?
Since my husband and I are both Catholic and were marrying in a beautiful and historical Church, the main inspiration behind our wedding was that of faith and tradition. From the Latin liturgy and accompanying music, we wanted to show the importance of our faith and desire for a traditional wedding.

What was your favourite moment from the day?
My favourite part of the day was definitely our exchanging of vows and rings, and the most wonderful realisation that we are finally husband and wife! The Latin Rite is unusual, as the vows and rings are exchanged as soon as the bride reaches the altar, after which the Mass commences. It was a delightful surprise for our guests unfamiliar with the tradition, as it meant we began our wedding celebration newly married!

Eleanor wearing Sassi Holford Isobel
Eleanor wearing Sassi Holford Isobel

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