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Naomi Holland

Dress Sienna

Photographer: Erin Beck, That Wild Eye Photography
Makeup: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Naomi did her own makeup.
Wedding Venue: The Gibbon Bridge Hotel
Flowers: Brides Mum, Grace Holland
Veil: Savin London

Not even COVID-19 restrictions could stop Naomi and Sam having the most perfect day. They married in front of 30 of their closest family and friends on 1st August 2020 after their original June date was postponed.

Naomi looked beautiful in her ‘Sienna’ gown from our Enchanted Collection, channelling a stunning simplicity.

How did you adapt your wedding to COVID-19? How did you find the process?
Originally, we were due to get married on the 6th June, however due to COVID-19 we had to postpone to the 1st August. There was a month or so of not really knowing when we would be able to get married, but the government finally decided to ease restrictions in early July. We were straight on the phone to the registrar and our new date was set! We had to take the obvious COVID precautions: social distancing, hand sanitisers and of course the 30-guest limit. We suspected the government would set a strict guest limit of around 12 or so, so a guest limit of 30 was welcome news amongst so many disappointing announcements. We did however invite all our original guests to watch along over zoom, for many they got a better view than those present. The run up to the date wasn’t without its tense moments but thankfully none that would affect our special day.

Erin Beck

Real bride Naomi

What made you choose a Sassi Holford gown?
I had always wanted a slightly minimal gown without any overpowering detail and the Sienna was just that. I also matched it with a long flowing veil with lace detail. The two together worked so well, I absolutely loved it! Several people said they thought I’d go for that style; it definitely confirmed my choice. 

What was the main inspiration behind your wedding?
I love classic, timeless and elegant things and I wanted to theme my wedding round these styles. Little details are also important and done well they can be so effective. I wanted to incorporate a countryside theme to reflect where I was raised and the farming heritage running through my family. With us having to postpone the wedding, and myself being put on furlough, it meant that I could spend a lot more time planning and preparing all the details of the day. 

What was your favourite moment from the day?
The whole day was so beautiful, it’s so difficult to choose! I think the fact we were able to share the day with 30 of some of the closest people in our lives was so special. I’ll always have special memories of seeing them there at the church with wide smiles and teary eyes. 

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Real bride Naomi

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