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Sassi Holford 2018 Campaign Shoot – behind the scenes

The Sassi Holford 2018 Campaign Shoot took place at the beautiful The Master Shipwright’s House, one of the few remaining parts of Deptford’s old royal dockyards. Founded by Henry VIII in 1513, it became one of the most important shipbuilding yards in the world before finally closing in 1869. The house was built in 1708…

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Helen Mirren wows in Sassi Holford at Monte Carlo TV Festival

Dame Helen Mirren wowed in a glamorous Sassi Holford gown at last nights Monte Carlo TV festival in Monaco. Wearing a stunning pearl ombre gown which flattered her natural shape, Dame Helen Mirren was awarded the Crystal Nymph Award from Prince Albert II of Monaco – an award awarded to those who whose acting career…

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Summer sample sale at Sassi Holford London & Taunton is back!

The Sassi Holford London sample sale runs from Saturday 1st July – Friday 7th July. There will be huge discounts of up to 70% off sample gowns from the Sassi Holford Signature and Couture collection (exclusive to Sassi Holford London) as well as discounts on sample gowns from evening and occasion wear collections. Contact the…

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