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The Dresses

Sassi’s award winning ‘Twenty17 Collection’ exquisitely showcases Sassi’s expertise for creating unique and stylish fabric combinations with beautiful silhouettes and shapes. The Sassi Holford ‘Classic Collection’ houses a beautiful selection of previous years gowns whilst ‘The Bride Decides’ Collection helps style your wedding gown with a gorgeous array of interchangeable accessories! Sassi’s most recent Twenty17 Collection is available internationally,  click here to view a full list of stockists.

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  • A selection of perfectly plain gowns and accessories

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  • Selection of classic Sassi Holford gowns from previous years

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Twenty17 Collection

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About Sassi

Sassi Holford has been designing and creating designer wedding dresses for over 35 years. All Sassi Holford gowns are handmade in England by her first class team of talented cutters, seamstresses and hand beaders. It’s Sassi’s design ethos to enhance the female shape whilst emphasising the bride’s own personality – allowing the bride to feel at her most beautiful. View the video of how your wedding dress makes its way to you by clicking below:

Handmade in England