Sassi Holford V Neck Ballgown Wedding Dress
Sassi Holford V Neck Ballgown Wedding Dress


Vanessa is sure of herself, exceptionally refined and knows that accessories are an opportunity to showcase your personality. Like all Sassi Holford wedding dresses, Vanessa has perfectly clean-cut lines, but its point of difference is the architectural structure that is striking, especially the waist-defining belt. A perfect choice for minimalist brides, it’s beautifully cut from luxuriously soft Mikado. It fits like a glove through the body before flaring out to a sweeping 3/4 circle skirt.

NECKLINE:  Plunging V

SKIRT:  3/4 Circle

BACK:  Plunging V

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2020 Enamour Collection

Enamour means to ‘be filled with love for‘, and that’s precisely how Sassi Holford wants brides to feel when they discover this wedding dress collection. Females are complex and dynamic, and to empower women to embrace their individuality Enamour features gowns that are simultaneously soft and bold. Using a variety of the finest fabrics, beguiling textures and striking silhouettes Sassi showcases how diverse elements can complement each other beautifully. From classic bridal looks to iconic ballgowns, every dress is a contemporary couture masterpiece. Expect miracles.

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