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Ashley Gamble

Dress Mallory

Photographer (Bridals): Wilderlove
Photographer (Wedding Ceremony): Perez Photography
Venue (Bridals): The Adolphus Hotel
Venue (Wedding Ceremony): Perkins Chapel at SMU
Flowers: Branching Out Events
Veil: Toni Federici
Make-Up & Hair: Maitee Miles

Ashley married Matthew in September 2020 at a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by 30 of their closest family and friends. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Ashley and Matthew have postponed their reception until May 2021, which means a second outing for Ashley’s beautiful Mallory dress.

Ashley looked beautiful in her Mallory, a US exclusive, bought at our Dallas, Texas, stockist Stardust Bridal paired with our Sienna jacket.

How did you adapt your wedding for COVID-19?
Adapting our wedding amid the global pandemic required a lot of poise, communication, and realistic expectations.  We originally planned to have our ceremony at a chapel, located on the grounds of my husband’s university, with a reception following at The Adolphus Hotel here in Dallas.  Matthew and I are blessed with a large number of friends and incredible families, and we could not imagine having the reception without everyone.   So, keeping the health and well-being of our loved ones at the forefront, we decided to postpone our reception. This allowed us to create our own happy medium:  having a small, intimate ceremony with just our immediate families and wedding party (about 30 total) on our original wedding day, and then hosting our reception at the Adolphus in May 2021. The cherry on top is that I get to wear my dress twice!

Perez Photography & Wilderlove

Ashley & Matthew

What made you choose a Sassi Holford gown?
Basically everything about the gown… the movement, the comfort, the attention to detail, the way it made me feel. I could distinguish the quality of the dress right away simply by looking at the gown on the hanger. The fit and feeling of the dress was exquisite – when I put it on, it felt as if it was made for me. The Sassi Holford jacket was also a deciding factor for me. My Father’s Mother, Marian, had the most lovely long sleeve wedding dress with lace detail, and I wanted to pay tribute to her somehow in my dress. This served as my nod to my Grandma Marian.

What was the main inspiration behind your wedding?
Traditional and timeless. We wanted to have our own miniature version of a “Royal Wedding” but on a much more simplistic scale! We find great appreciation in the little things in life, so we put forth great effort into making every moment and memento count by having specific meaning, be it my jacket, Matthew’s cuff-links, the color of our Mother’s dresses, the socks for our Fathers, etc.

What was your favourite moment from the day?
It may sound cliché, but it is difficult to pick a favorite moment! Looking back on our day, I think having a small, intimate ceremony was a blessing in disguise. It really allowed us to focus on the reason we were there – to become one as husband and wife. We are so looking forward to celebrating with our family and friends in 2021, but there was something about our wedding day that felt so extraordinary. It is as if there was this undeniable bliss floating in the air all day long, and we were the only two people in the world.  I guess my favorite moment is the moment I realized that day will forever be imprinted in our memories as the day we officially started our life together.

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