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Dress Charlotte

Photographers: Nikita Zharkov and Tamerlan Uderov
Venue: Talici Hill Rustic Villas
Planners: Pasternak Wedding

A sage, gold and white colour palette complemented the natural beauty of the Montenegro coast for Sassi Holford bride Karina’s wedding day. The incredible views overlooking the sea and mountains set the scene for the couple’s intimate outdoor wedding completed with classic styling for a timeless look.


Nikita Zharkov and Tamerlan Uderov

Sassi Holford Charlotte Real Bride

What made you choose the Charlotte dress?

When I tried the dress on, it was as if it was made specifically for me and I instantly knew it was THE dress! The fit was perfect and the quality of the material was exceptional.

Charlotte Dress

What accessories did you pick to complement your dress?

The jewellery held deep personal significance. My bracelet was a gift from my grandparents. As my grandad escorted me down the aisle, I wanted to carry the memory and presence of my grandmother with us, especially since she had passed away. This ensured that she was symbolically by our side during this significant moment of my life.

For earrings, I wore a pearl pair while the shoes were from Stuart Weitzman.

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Sassi Holford Charlotte Real Bride

Did you have any wedding day non-negotiables?

Live music was a non-negotiable aspect of our wedding day. We believed that live music would create an ambience and energy that couldn’t be replicated by recorded music alone. It added a sense of authenticity and connection to the moment, enhancing the overall experience for us and our guests.

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If you could relive one part of your wedding day, what would it be?

I’d love to relieve the whole wedding! But if I could only choose one moment, that would be the vows. It was the most emotional and touching moment of the whole day.

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