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Laura & Suzie

Dress Mirabelle & Miranda

Date & Venue: 03/06/19 at Château de Lisse
Richard Skins Photography
Brides: Suzie Mathers & Laura Francis

A wedding dress search that came full circle, when both brides ended up discovering their dream gown at Sassi Holford. Laura and Suzie visited our London wedding boutique separately, and from there, our team took on the task of keeping both their dresses a secret.

“[Sassi’s team] were incredible at helping to keep it a massive secret from both of us. Every time I went into the shop, they took Laura’s dress off the shelf, every time Laura went in, they took my dress off the shelf.” – Suzie

The brides married in July 2019 at a 13th Century chapel set in the land of a French château. The building was so rustic there wasn’t even electricity. They got creative and filled the room with candles creating an exceptionally romantic backdrop for becoming Mrs & Mrs. After considering getting married in Australia and Scotland, where they both had family, France seemed like a neutral option. It was the perfect solution as the majority of their guests could travel there easily and the destination reflected their shared love of adventure and travel.

Richard Skins

French Wedding Destination | Richard Skins Photography

“I couldn’t see anyone else in the room. Suzie had walked in first with her dad, and she was standing at the front of the chapel and she looked absolutely stunning, just so beautiful. It was an amazing moment.” – Laura

The entire day was full of joy and celebration, not to mention a few live shows. Suzie is a musical theatre actress, best known for playing Glinda in the West End production of Wicked. Not only did the brides duet from the castle turrets, but Suzie’s theatrical friends serenaded everyone with a performance fit for Broadway. Music played a big role in their day and made for an electric atmosphere.

As the day rolled into the evening the guests devoured canapes and drank champagne under the summer sun. Dinner was hosted under the twinkly of party lights in the immaculate gardens of the château overlooking the French countryside.

“It was an absolute once-in-a-lifetime fairy tale wedding. Seeing all of our family and our friends together was just surreal and just something I’ll never forget, it was absolutely magical.” – Laura

Image: Chateau de Lisse in France by Richard Skins Photography

Laura's Sassi Holford Wedding Gown | French Wedding | Richard Skins Photography
Suzie Mather's Wedding | Richard Skins Photography
Suzie & Laura's French Wedding | Richard Skins Photography

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