The 2024 Wedding Dress Trends You Need To Know

Sassi Holford is renowned for being ahead of the curve, while Sassi rarely designs to current trends, her dresses are always fashion forward, modern and timeless while also retaining element of Sassi’s signature style. The Harmony collection showcases a diverse range of designs, each with its own distinct identity. We dive deeper into the 2024 wedding dress trends you need to know from Sassi Holford’s latest collection.

Drop Waist

Sassi Holford drop waist wedding dress

The drop waist trend has made its way from fashion week to bridal fashion in grand style for 2024. Drop waist dresses first became popular in the 1920s, so even the most modern iterations have a slightly vintage feel to them. Many of Sassi’s earlier collections featured the drop waist silhouette, and as the trend has come full circle and she has bought the style back in 2024.


Sassi Holford Bow Wedding Dress

The rise of petite ballet ribbons has impacted the use of bows in our day-to-day looks and transcended to 2024 wedding dress collections. Claudia, can feature a delicate slim bow at the nape of the neck for a romantic feel or a floor length big bow shown here which creates a dramatic and impactful look. 

Dramatic Sleeves

Sassi Holford Butterfly Sleeve

Sassi has gained quite a reputation for her exquisite sleeve designs, showcasing a variety of lengths and shapes that never fail to captivatefrom full length, billowing or puffed, her designs feature them all. Our 2024 collection is no exception with even more sleeve styles being introduced. Take, for instance, the enchanting Lucinda, whose delicate butterfly sleeves gracefully rest on the top of the shoulder, exuding a flirtatious charm.


Sassi Holford Purple Wedding Dress

Sassi has never been afraid to use colour in her fabric choices. Undoubtedly, the Iris dress remains an all-time beloved choice among our brides. For 2024, colourful wedding dresses have had a resurgence with Dahlia and Blossom.

Textured Fabric

With beautiful fabrics as her muse, Sassi’s 2024 collection utilises her instinctive ability to harmonise luxurious fabrics with confident and nostalgic silhouettes. From 3D pearls to ruffles and cloqué to jacquard, Harmony encapsulates the very best of textured fabrics.

Discover the Harmony collection.


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