5 Tips For Choosing Your Veil

A wedding veil is an effortless way to elevate your wedding day look, a veil highlights and frames you, and your incredible wedding dress, as you walk down the aisle. For some, the added touch of a bridal veil is the final element to feeling like a bride, allowing the ‘yes’ moment to happen. A beautiful veil makes a statement on your wedding day, it adds romance to your look and even an element of illusion as you walk down the aisle to your fiancé. Originally, a veil began as a tradition for brides but now more often than not, they are a personal style choice, and a wedding trend that’s here to stay.

Our veil brand Couture Veil hand make veils to order, at our atelier in Somerset. Every veil is handcrafted by skilled seamstresses with over two decades of experience with tulle sourced just 25 miles from the atelier. They are committed to using the very best materials and to source them with as low a carbon footprint as possible. As the veils are made-to-order, they offer brides the opportunity to design a bespoke veil to complement their wedding dress. This can be a specific length, combining a trim and an appliqué or a custom design. They have an extensive range of veil styles, tulles and trims that can elevate any gown, from a beautifully simple stitched edge veil to a stunning cathedral length veil embellished with French lace appliqué.

Lace Cathedral Length Veil

“Once a veil is placed into the bride’s hair, it becomes so much more. It evokes emotion, sometimes tears! Quite often, in that moment, it truly transforms the bride.”
Kristine, Somerset Store Manager

To make your veil journey as simple as possible, here are 5 tips to choosing the perfect veil:

Take your dress into consideration

We recommend veils that complement your wedding dress. If you have an understated dress with a simple neckline, a statement cathedral veil with beautiful 3D flowers falling lightly from the comb to heavier at the train, would add drama to your minimal look. Whereas, if you are wearing a more detailed gown, with lace and embellishments, a simple cut edge tulle or pearl veil is all some brides need to elevate their wedding day look.

Cater your veil to your hairstyle and hair accessories

Your wedding day hairstyle can impact where your veil sits in your hair. For example a low bun, allows the comb to sit at the top or even below your bun. But, if you are wearing your hair down you could place the comb higher, allowing the veil to fall around your face for a more dramatic look. Don’t forget to also think about your hair accessories, an experienced style consultant will be able to recommend a wedding hair accessory to complement the veil that will sit alongside the veil comb in your hair. Some of our favourite hair accessory brands are Dolecka, Hermione Harbutt and Tilly Thomas Lux.

To blusher or not to blusher

While now known more as an accessory to add style, the blusher has a history of different meanings, including protecting against evil and to signify purity. We love the action of the ‘unveiling’ when the bride reaches the alter, your fiancé is able to lift your blusher back and reveal their beautiful bride. But, for some non-traditional brides, they don’t feel the need to wear one and simply opt for a one tiered veil shape which is equally as beautiful. Consider whether you would like your face hidden as you walk down the aisle as this can be the deciding factor on whether to blusher or not to blusher.

Blusher long 3D flower Veil

Choose a length

Are you looking for a chic, modern take on a wedding veil? A short to medium length will create a contemporary bridal look. Or if you are a classic bride looking for a breathtaking aisle moment, a cathedral length veil will effortlessly give you this.

Add the finishing touch

After choosing the length, a blusher and where you want the veil comb to sit in your hair, the trim and placement is the final touch. From French lace to 3D flowers and pearls to a simple cut edge, Couture Veil have a range of trims and appliqués to complement your wedding dress. After assessing where the focal point of your dress is, you may choose to have the elements scattered around your hair and face, start the trim from your fingertip, or for a dramatic veil the trim can cover the entire length of your veil.

For veil inspiration, find real brides on Instagram, Pinterest and blog. Discover the Couture Veil range here and book an appointment with your local stockist to create your dream veil.

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