Eco: A Greener Wedding

Never have we been more mindful of our impact on the planet. We are always looking at ways to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout our business. Here’s how you can create a beautiful, sustainable wedding without compromising on your vision.

Statement headpieces, dried flower bouquets or maybe some sparklers at the end of the night; wedding trends come and go, but the latest one may just be a keeper. We all know by now the
impact our lifestyles have on the environment; but in 2021 having an eco friendly wedding is no longer just for couples wanting a ‘rustic feel’.

A few years ago, creating an eco conscious wedding day that suited your style and standards may have proved difficult. There weren’t many stylish swaps that you could easily transition into
your day; but, with the help of social media and visionaries such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough sparking important conversations and bringing a shift in the general public’s
attitude; brands have really started to stand up and take action, making it much easier for you to create your dream day whilst being kind to the planet.

Here at Sassi Holford, we have always valued sustainable fashion and becoming a more ethical brand. We are proud that all of our gowns and made here in England; we keep our collections
small, and prefer our gowns made-to-order, creating minimum waste. We are committed to becoming an even more sustainable brand and plan to be carbon neutral by 2030. Over the next
three years, we aim to reduce plastic use by 50% and recycling 80% of our waste.

And it’s not just us! From recyclable invites, to vegan wedding cakes; wedding brands and suppliers are really upping their game and making it much easier to get on board with a greener
wedding day. So we’re here to show you a few fantastic ways you can create a beautiful, sustainable wedding without compromising on your vision.

Wedding Cake

Have a Micro Wedding

One of the easiest ways to be kinder to the environment (and your wedding budget!) is to have a micro wedding. Put simply, the smaller the wedding, the better. Less people, equals less, travel and less carbon immersions, less food and ultimately less waste. We know this may not be everyone’s version of their dream wedding, especially over the past 18 months which has forced us apart from our loved ones – but if you’re serious about creating a low foot print wedding, then definitely start here. You can always check out our Micro Wedding inspo board on Pinterest too!

Choose an Eco Friendly Venue

The next best thing is to really research your venue and make sure it’s as eco friendly as possible. A great and simple way to ensure this, is to have an outdoor wedding. This may prove easier said than done in the UK, but the use of natural sunlight, nature as your wedding decor and less use of electricity can create a beautiful atmosphere. It’s also best to marry in one place, keeping your ceremony and reception at the same location; the less transport used on the day, the smaller the footprint. You can also check if your venue uses eco friendly power, such as solar, and have a look if they recycle and compost – little things, that make a big difference!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Keep Your Wedding Stationary Sustainable

The paper used for wedding invites and place settings can be a massive contribution to global warming. The process of creating paper releases dangerous gasses causing pollution, so it’s
always best to use stationary that’s made from recycled materials. This can include recycled paper, so you won’t even notice the trade. A great way to ensure your invites and place settings
are memorable, is to use ‘seed planting paper’. Made from residual cotton, the cards contain tiny seeds that you can actually plant after use, creating beautiful flowers and lasting memories.

Have Low Footprint Catering

Wedding catering is a great way that you can make your day kinder to the planet. If it’s something you may consider, having vegetarian or vegan food will instantly cut the carbon footprint. And we promise you won’t be able to taste the difference with a vegan wedding cake either; bakers have been perfecting the recipe since it became a trend a few years ago and they are delicious! If you do want meat, then the best way is to ensure you’re getting it locally sourced, along with seasonal food, both shrinking the emissions needed to process it. Another thing to keep in mind with your catering, is if they are plastic free and use reusable food containers and plates.

Choose Greener Decor

Choosing a local florist who uses seasonal flowers will always be the best way keep the footprint down. Alternatively, if you fancy getting a little crafty; you can forage for beautiful wild flowers which will add a personal touch too. Dried arrangements, or false flowers are also a great idea. Make your wedding favours edible! Yes, personalised cookies and sweet treats are popular with many couples, but they also create a very low impact and produce less waste. Why not rent table decorations? There are so many companies who can make your vision a
reality, with no waste at all; vintage or sleek and modern, there are definitely ways to rent your way to an eco friendly set up.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

So as you can see, the wedding industry has come a long way over the past several years; people wanted a change and it is definitely happening. You can be an eco Bride with ease and feel happy that you’re big day won’t be having a big impact on the environment.

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