Bridal Trend: Statement Sleeves

The bridal sleeve is back in Vogue and they are a firm favourite at Sassi Holford too. We believe sleeves can transform your gown in an instant, creating an elevated look, whatever the
style of dress you choose. They remain the perfect practical and functional part of your design, but are also incredibly versatile. From adding that extra drama, to creating a subtle silhouette;
sleeves are the perfect addition to any wedding dress. Whether you go for a romantic and ethereal bell sleeve, or a timeless and chic sheer finish, the choices and varieties are endless. We also provide a selection of removable sleeves and jackets which can transform your gown with one simple adjustment.
All of our sleeves come in an array of different cuts and styles, with a choice of some exquisite fabrics and finishes, all made sustainably in England. We wanted to share with you some our of
favourite sleeved gowns from our latest collection, to inspire our brides-to-be that may not yet have explored the option of arm coverings and show some wedding dress ideas.

Sassi Holford Embroidered Wedding Dress

Bell – The bell sleeve is a modern classic when it comes to bridal gowns. Originating in the 70s, this full sleeve, fitted around the arm and flaring at the wrist, was designed to create drama. You can now opt for a more subtle version in a variety of fabrics, resulting in some simply stunning gowns.
Bishop – Similar to a bell sleeve, and taking its name from a Bishop’s gown, the Bishop sleeve adds subtle glamour to your gown. Full and flowing and capped at the cuff, the give fluid movements and are the perfect addition to both fuller gowns and sleek chic styles.
Slim Fit – The ideal sleeve for modern and classic brides alike. Slim fit sleeves elongate and compliment the female from, creating long lines and a sophisticated look.

Sassi Holford Boho Wedding Dress

Detachable – Detachable sleeves, whether that be in the form of a jacket, or part of the design, are a fantastic and practical solution that will add another dimension to your dress. Some brides want longer sleeves in the day time due to the colder seasons, or perhaps wanting to be more covered for the ceremony. Detachable sleeves allow you to have two different dresses in one. Remove for dancing and transform your gown instantly.
Sheer – Sheer sleeves are wonderful option for those brides who aren’t sure if the want to be completely covered on the arm, but want something there, either for the design or practicality. Sassi ensures each and every design is well thought out and balanced and a sheer sleeve can be the perfect addition.

sassi holford puffed sleeve wedding dress

Gabrielle – The slim fit corded lace sleeves on our Gabrielle dress are simply stunning. The bodice and skirt are cut to perfection, with the exquisite sleeves the star of the show, creating a lace wedding dress that emphasises long lines and sleek finish.
Stephanie – The Stephanie gown features statement puff sleeves that compliment the gown to perfection. They are detachable, easily creating 2 dresses in one, just remove to transform it to a strapless dress, perfect for dancing the night away. They can also be added to other gowns if you are looking for something unique.
Zoe – Our Zoe gown is simply stunning, featuring light weight crepe bell sleeve cuffed at the wrist. Beautiful and billowing, they create stunning lines, especially when contrasted against the exquisite embroidered skirt.

sassi holford boho wedding dress

Iris – The Iris gown features the same bell sleeves as our Zoe design, but on this dress they are stunning embroidered tulle, complimenting the full floral skirt and giving the feel of a boho wedding dress. As they are sheer, the are perfect for summer weddings, keeping you covered, yet cool.
Sanda – The limited edition Sanda dress comprises of a stunning fishtail skirt, bustier bodice, completed by immaculate embroidered long sleeves, creating a sensual design that flatter every curve. The sleeves emphasise the female form perfectly, and are also detachable, again giving you practicality and glamour.

As you can see there is a lot more to a bridal sleeve than meets the eye. From adapting your gown to the weather, to emphasising your sense of fun and personal style; adding a sleeve can dramatically alter the shape, function and overall feel of your dream dress.
Click here to view our full range of sleeves and accessories, and if you want to start your own Sassi Holford gown journey, you can click here to make an appointment at one of our stores. Our latest collection is available to view here.

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