Get To Know: Our London Store Manager

Choosing your wedding gown is one of the most important moments in your life, and we know having a trusting, warm and friendly atmosphere when picking out your dream dress is equally as important.

It’s not only our gowns that make the experience memorable; our staff members are all truly passionate about their work, and this couldn’t be truer than with our London Store Manager, Sanda Jekabson. With over 10 years’ experience in the bridal industry, Sanda has a creative eye for style and detail, and always knew she wanted to have a career in fashion – especially where she could make women feel great in what they wear.
We sat down for a chat with our dedicated store manager to find out more about her day-to-day role and how she helps all her brides make their wedding dress dreams come true.

1) What drew you to Sassi Holford – had you come across the brand before you started working at the store?

Being in the bridal industry it’s my job to know about other bridal brands. I had always known of Sassi Holford and the remarkable design of her gowns. During my freelance time at The Wedding Gallery, I got to meet Sassi and work with some of her gowns. I found the quality and fabric of her gowns second to none. Also, Sassi has a great reputation in the UK bridal world; her work ethic is very special, especially the way she cares about her staff and clients. It made me really want to join her team.

2) Have you always had an interest in bridal fashion?

When I was a little girl, I was always dressing my dolls in little self-designed mini wedding gowns; since I can remember I have always been interested in weddings. I have always had a vision of how to dress women and how to put pieces together to create unique and special looks that suit their body shape and personality. I love to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends too.

3) Could you tell us a little more about a day in the life as a Sassi Holford Store Manager.

My responsibilities are to manage day-to-day activities in store, communicate updates from head office with the team, as well as allocating appointments to the team, as well as myself, based on our strengths. Great communication is key to running a successful business and delivering exceptional customer service.

4) What’s your favourite thing about your role?

I would say it’s creating structure within the store and the overall collaboration of the team. We all share the same vision, and everyone is dedicated to “Dressing the Dream” as well as ensuring that we provide the highest level of service. We have created an environment where everyone is there for each other and supports their colleagues to progress and grow within the company. I love sharing ideas with Sassi and the team too! The result of having a happy team means the most magical journey for every bride that walks through our door.

5) Do you have a special ‘Sassi Holford Bride’ story that you’ll always remember?

To be honest, all my client’s stories are special. I am always curious about how they met their partners and how they proposed – every story is so beautiful and unique! The most recent one is like something from a movie! My client Kholoud, from Saudi Arabia, met her fiancé (a lawyer) during lockdown. She had arranged a meeting with him at her family home but on the same day he was due to visit she became very poorly. When he arrived for the appointment, he found her unconscious and rushed her to hospital. They’ve hardly been apart since and he proposed not long after. Now they are planning the most beautiful wedding and Kholoud was one of our first clients to choose a 2022 collection design. I can’t wait to see the photos of her big day!

6) Do you always know when the bride has found “the one”?

I can always tell when a bride has found “the one”. It shows in her body language; the look on her face, the confidence when she sees herself in the mirror, and often she doesn’t want to take the dress off to try any others on. Of course, the extra special reaction from her bridal party too – it seals the deal!

7) What trends are you seeing going into Spring Summer 22?

After the past 18 months, which were the most challenging for many businesses, but especially bridal, I believe there will be unique gowns and bridal accessories: a mixture of timeless classics with modern and dramatic twists.

8) Finally, what advice would you give to someone newly engaged and struggling to know where to start when it comes to finding their dream dress?

I would remind them that it is not only their big day that they should enjoy, but the process of getting there. When they start their wedding dress journey it is important to be open minded and allow their stylist to guide them through all possible shapes and styles. As they have never done it before, it can be tricky to know what they will like, so it’s best to try everything, including the ones that they think will be a definite no. (Funnily enough, normally the original no becomes the style they end up with.) Also, their dress should represent their personality: they’ll be lots that will suit their figure, but only a few will match their personality too. At the beginning of the appointment, the stylist will often be asking questions to get to know them as well as they can to find their perfect match. Every bride gets “the feeling” once they find their perfect dress, so never settle for anything less!

If you would like an appointment with Sanda or any of our dedicated London or Taunton teams, you can book your appointment here!

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