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The pandemic has not only postponed our launch but prevented us from hosting an event to celebrate it. We are excited to share the work of the incredible female-led businesses who have brought our Chelsea and Taunton store windows to life. We have worked with both London and South West businesses where we are fortunate enough to have stores. Our talented window designers Bee and George painted truly magical murals, Hermione Harbutt created bespoke jewelled accessories and the intricate Swarovski embellishment of Emmy London’s celestial Lois Shoes are the finishing touch.
Read more about who they are below!

Bee Davies – London Window Mural Painter
Tell us a little about you
I’m a Midlands girl who has been on the London grind for the past 10 years. After years in retail, I made the jump into full time self -employment last summer and now I have my own beautiful little studio in North London where I get to create every day. I’m an illustrator by trade but I’m a bit of a ‘jack of all’ as I rarely say no to a new challenge. I’ve been working mainly in the wedding industry for the past 4 years creating hand painted jackets, bespoke stationery, portraits and of course – window murals.

Can you explain your window mural for Asteria
I wanted something that captured the strong modern designs of the collection, but maintained that magical elegance of constellations and stars. I wanted to focus on metallics as a contrast to the designs, and I liked the idea of the paint catching the light at different times of the day to highlight different areas of the window.


Where do you find your inspiration?
Every day surroundings and music. Florals play a huge part in most of my work, and I love playing with colour and organic lines. I think its important to be able to take inspiration from whats going on in your immediate surroundings as you’ve experienced them first hand – there’s nothing really more authentic.

What is the best part of your work?
There are so many amazing benefits, but I guess being able to do what I love every day is a real privilege. And being able to set my own schedule is a huge bonus.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt during the pandemic?
To look after yourself before anything else.

Where can we find you?
Instagram – @beedaviesillustration

Photo credit – Sophie Lake & Nova Wedding Photography

Bee's Website Bee's Etsy Shop

Hermione Harbutt – Award winning designer hair accessories and jewellery
Tell us a little about you
My name is Hermione Harbutt, and I am an artisan accessory designer specialising in handcrafting beautiful, intricate headpieces and jewellery for stylish brides. I live in Bristol with my husband Richard and 4 year old daughter Aurelia (and Megsie our little black cat!). I have two Hermione Harbutt showrooms, one in Clifton near my home in Bristol and one in Kensington in London.

Can you tell us about the designs you created for the Asteria window
I am so proud to have worked with Sassi and her brides for many years, providing beautiful pieces to her stunning showrooms. So it was such an honour to be asked to create some showstopping designs to help launch the gorgeous new collection of dresses. Taking inspiration from the celestial theme – and my own current celestial pieces – I have designed a raised halo of golden stars set with Swarovski crystals. The style gives the feel of something that would be worn by a Sun Goddess or celestial being, which I hope will be perfect to sit alongside these stunning new gowns.

Where do you find your inspiration?
The Hermione Harbutt style is luxurious, intricate and infinitely feminine. Most designs feature my signature wirework and focus on organic forms but I have a wide variety of styles and shapes to suit all. The new accessory collection showcases a wide variety of styles and aesthetic. I wanted to really explore colours, unusual shapes and unique forms that might not always been seen showcased in the wedding industry. My usual florals play a role of course, alongside celestial touches and modern millinery pieces for a fresh feel. Jewelled alice bands and unexpected, meandering garland styles offer a transformative look alongside modern hairstyles and gowns. I am always inspired by nature and current catwalk trends, and you can see this reflected in the organic forms of my work. Colours play a part throughout the collection alongside the more traditional bridal palettes, from dusky pinks to navy blues. The millinery pieces add a touch of 50’s glamour with a modern twist, featuring gold and pearl details, embellished crescent crowns and oversized, luxurious bows. Heaven!

I find designing to a collection ‘brief’ particularly challenging for my creative design style. I love to meander, starting pieces when feeling inspired, allowing the collection to flow in the direction of whatever is held in my mind. This tends to result in a wonderfully diverse set of designs within each collection, but with some connected styles running throughout. Often some of my most statement pieces are made in the last few days before the new collection photoshoot. At this time I am fully immersed in the images and aesthetic I am envisioning and new designs continue to creep to the surface and demand to be made!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt during the pandemic?
It has been amazing to see how flexible we can be in the way we work. I have missed being in the showrooms quite as much but equally it has been a real pleasure to carry out video consultations with my brides and design pieces remotely. It is also a good time to reflect. It’s been a huge challenge and so disappointing for so many of my brides who have had to change their lovely plans. But those celebrations will come, they will happen, it just might not be when or how they hoped it would be, but hopefully it will feel all the sweeter once the day finally comes.

Where can we find you?
@hermioneharbutt for all social channels

Photo credit – Rebecca Carpenter


Emmy Scarterfield – Creative Director of Emmy London

Emmy Scarterfield, is an acclaimed shoes designer, creative director and founder of Emmy London. She lives in North London with her husband Dickie, who she co owns and runs the business with, and their twin girls.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I get inspiration from so many different aspects of my life but never actually shoes. My inspiration spans my surroundings, travelling and adventures. Our sash bow has become iconic to our brand and collections. It has many iterations and actually came from an old cushion that I found in my Granny’s attic.  If you look at our designs, you can see that the starting point has come from insect wings, and floral and botanical leaf references in our designs and embellishments. Also a lot of art deco architecture has featured heavily in the structure of our embellishments too.

What is the best part of your work?
I am passionate about creating shoes that are the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. I think it is so important to be comfortable. I truly believe that beauty comes from within when you feel comfortable and confident. I pioneer and evolve our products all the time to perfect that balance. It truly is an honour and privilege to create shoes that women fall in love with and feel amazing wearing.

I am fascinated by the unquestionable relationship women have with shoes and how shoes make a woman feel. I think it’s a relationship that’s not explored enough. The most brilliant thing about this is that it’s completely inclusive and spans so many different cultures, shapes, sizes and ages.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt during the pandemic?
Not to panic in a pandemic… although easier said than done! I have discovered a new way of working which has been enjoyable and fruitful. It has broken down some boundaries and obstacles that were previously there.  I am, by nature, a bit of technophobe so I had to step up and get my head round doing things digitally. It has been so fulfilling and rewarding being able to meet shoe lovers all over the world! It’s amazing what a repour you can build with someone through a screen. I have loved building new relationships and make women happy during a challenging time when positivity and those movements of light and joy are few and far in between.
I’ve learnt not be afraid of technology and to open your mind to new ways of working because this isn’t the end of what we know but the start of something new.

Where can we find you?
Our Fulham Road store is open for private appointments on Friday and Saturday, or you can book a virtual appointment. I am hosting all our in-store and virtual appointments -they feel even more special during this time.

@emmylondonofficial – Instagram
@emmyscarterfield – This is my personal Instagram.

The incredible team at Emmy London are offering Sassi Holford Brides £50 off their bridal shoe purchase. You can buy Emmy’s beautiful shoes  in-store or on their website using the code EMMYXSASSI.

Emmy London Website

George Peters – Taunton Window Mural Painter
Tell us a little about you
My name is George, I live in Taunton with my husband, little boy and fur baby. I’ve been designing and creating for as long as I can remember. I have been running my creative business for the last 6 years and enjoy the vast and random creative things I get to do as part of my job. The main part of what I do is design colourful cards, prints and personalised gifts for peoples homes. I also do graphic design for other businesses  as well as painting and selling my abstract art.

Can you explain your window mural for Asteria
This window mural was so lovely to design, and I wanted it to really showcase the pieces on display. I wanted to create the childhood feeling of when you’d stare up into a shop window display in awe, and for a second get lost on all the stars and details.

Where do you find your inspiration
I know it’s cliche to say from all around – but I really do. Often I get most inspired when I’m not forcing it. When I’m relaxed, doing something completely uncreative.

What is the best part of your work?
All of it. I love creating, designing, painting but I also enjoy the balance of the quiet times, thinking, doing admin, one on one meetings and talking with clients.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt during the pandemic?
I have to admit I really struggled at the beginning of the pandemic with my mental health. Like a lot of people I didn’t cope very well with the uncertainty of everything going on around me. Despite that the most important thing I’ve learnt through it all is, appreciating what you have in the here and now, enjoying and discovering areas of natural beauty right on my doorstep and not taking relationships for granted.

Where can we find you?
Instagram – @oohilikethatdesign  – @paintingsbygeorge
Facebook – @oohilikethatdesign

George's Website

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