The Power Of Pinterest

Planning your wedding? The power of Pinterest has made finding inspiration and planning your special day easy. We demystify Pinterest and explain exactly how to harness its power.


Ahh the joy of getting engaged. That magical moment when you know your life will change forever; you’re going to be marrying the love of your life, you’re swept up in the happiness, joy and love. Then you realise you have a whole wedding to plan. Yes, there’s nothing quite like the enormity of having to create your dream wedding from scratch, to bring you out of that newly engaged bubble. From finding flowers, to food, place settings to wedding dress styles; being a bride to be comes with a lot of pressure.

But gone are the days of buying hundreds of wedding magazines, desperately hoping you’ll find something that speaks to you. Now, all you need is a phone, WIFI and the wonderful world of Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is the first stop most brides head for; with it’s endless images of magical wedding dress ideas, venues and even DIY alternatives you’d never think of, it really has become the mecca for dream wedding planning. Instagram tried to compete with their new ‘saved’ feature, but without the easy links and multiple boards you can create in an instant, it just doesn’t hold a candle to our beloved pinning site.

Here at Sassi Holford we always recommend that our brides create a Pinterest board, so we can truly get a feel for your inspiration and ideas. This doesn’t just have to be dresses; it can be your colour scheme, music or even just a word or phrase. The benefit of using a board is that you can put as many different things on there as you like; nothing is insignificant and all can be used to help start the initial design. Whether you want a simple wedding dress, or something more ornate; we really get to know what you are aiming for, for your perfect day.

We know that getting started can be the hardest part, and let’s face it, it can be pretty overwhelming when you first visit the site. With links and blogs taking you down an endless rabbit hole of cakes and creations, it can get out of hand rather quickly. So if you can’t see the wood through the fairy light lit trees (big wedding trend, trust us), fear not; we’ve come up with some top tips for planning your own wedding using the social media sharing site.

The Power of Pinterest | Sassi Holford Blog


First things first; create an account. It’s super simple and you’ll find easy to follow instructions once you’re on the site. Now for the boards: by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol (that you should see at the top right hand side of your account) you’ll be given the option to create either a board or a pin. The majority of us won’t need to create a pin, this is predominately for creators and businesses who want to upload their own images for you to find. This has been a real game changer when it comes to marketing, as businesses, big and small, can use Pinterest for free to showcase their creations and ideas. Once you’ve clicked ‘board’ you’ll need to name it; start with something simple like “wedding” (you can choose to keep the board private too!) and from there the fun begins! Pinterest will suggest some images based on the name of the board, for you to pin (add to your board), but don’t panic, it’s now time to get organised.


You may already have a clear idea of your style or a certain aesthetic, but if not, then we recommend creating a ‘Master Board’. Don’t overthink, just click and ‘pin’ as many images as you like. Try searches like ‘long sleeve wedding dress’, ‘lace wedding dress’ or maybe you have certain wedding dress designers that you want to focus on. You can do no wrong, and you may even find something you love that you never even imagined. Get as many images on there as you can and gradually you will see what styles you are naturally drawn to.

The Power of Pinterest | Sassi Holford Blog


Once you can see an emerging theme, you’re then ready to narrow down your search to specifics; this is when you can create multiple boards. These titles should be a good place to start; Dress, Flowers, Food, Venue, Table Settings, Bridesmaids and Groom. You can also get more specific with your searches; most bridal boutiques, florists and venues will have their own boards and pins, so that you can find images that are a physical reality rather than just inspiration. Maybe it’s certain designer wedding dress, you could just pin images from that designer only; it really is up to you, but get as much detail as you can. Every board you create will become an invaluable, portable tool that you can take along with you to florists, make up artists or caterers to enable you to bring your dream to life.


Another reason Pinterest is so popular with brides, is that it doesn’t just provide inspirational images; the site also has hints, tips and money saving ideas linked with the vast majority of the pins. If you want to save your budget for your dress, then you may want to look into doing your table settings yourself; we can guarantee that the site will have endless genius solutions to any problems. Pinterest ideas have been around a lot longer than Tiktok trends, and the fact it’s managed to stay so current and relevant is down to the fact it’s such a versatile site for so many people in so many industries.

The Power of Pinterest | Sassi Holford Blog


So whether you’re after a beautiful boho wedding dress or maybe a Royal bride inspired gown; we can guarantee that you’ll find everything you need, and maybe even more, on Pinterest. And why not head over to our very own board, where you’ll find our gowns and real life brides which is a great place to start your down dress journey.

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