A Step-by-Step Guide To A Bespoke Mother-Of-The-Bride Dress

Our womenswear store offers an exclusive setting for stylish women seeking a unique shopping experience in London. Our luxury store offers womenswear, eveningwear and mother-of-the-bride outfits. As well as timeless pieces and personal styling advice, we also provide a full bespoke service. Promising exceptional quality, one-of-a-kind garments tailored to you, to ensure you feel your most confident.

We sit down with store manager, Lucy, who gives us an insight to how Sassi and the team provide our bespoke mother-of-the-bride dress experience.

What is the process of a bespoke Sassi Holford mother-of-the-bride outfit?
The client can book an initial consultation where you will meet one of our expert stylists and give us an insight into the wedding; we then discuss styles, fabrics, colour schemes and preferences as well as trying different pieces on. From there, we decide together what you imagine your final outfit looking like and finalise the design, sometimes with a sketch. We proceed with taking our client’s measurements and then place the order with our workrooms based in Somerset, where your piece will be handmade by our experienced seamstresses. Sometimes a toile is required, this is when a mock-up of your bespoke design is made in calico fabric, in this case, we will have a toile fitting first to ensure the correct proportions, before the real dress is made. At the first fitting, you will try on your final outfit and meet one of our fitters. If any amendments need to be made, our fitter will pin accordingly and book you in for a second fitting to try the outfit once the alterations have been completed.

Sassi Holford Blue bespoke mother-of-the-bride knee length dress

How long does it take to make a bespoke mother-of-the-bride dress?
As all of our pieces are made by hand in our Somerset atelier by experienced seamstresses, for a completely bespoke mother-of-the-bride dress, we recommend a timeframe of 3-4 months. However, depending on the design and fabric we may be able to complete orders in a shorter duration.

What kind of amendments can you make to existing styles?
If you like an existing style but would just like to make a few changes, we can adjust things like neckline, sleeve length or style, hem length or even the colour. We can make a dress in any colour available on our fabric swatch cards which we will show you throughout the appointment process.

How do you assist a client who is uncertain in their style, and wants to feel their most confident?
Our team of knowledgable stylists are experienced in assisting clients with discovering styles that flatter your figure and enthuse confidence. We provide excellent guidance and suggestions throughout the appointment process. The beauty of being able to offer bespoke is that it is personalised to each client, meaning you will leave with an outfit tailored to you that makes you feel your most confident.

“Thank you all for helping me choose this wonderful outfit. Almost every single person I spoke to at my son’s wedding commented on how fabulous the jacket is and how beautiful the gold two piece looked. I could not have felt more confident and comfortable.”
Veronica Brown,
Sassi Holford Mother-of-the-Groom

Veronica Brown in Sassi Holford fitted floral printed Warwick Jacket and gold Pleated Midi Skirt Mother-of-the-groom/bride outfit. Veronica Brown with husband Andy Brown from Status Quo on the morning of their son's wedding

Would you prefer for clients to come in with an open mind or have pre-selected styles on the website beforehand?
Whilst we welcome clients with pre-selected styles, we also encourage those with an open mind to explore our range and discover new options throughout the appointment.

Do you recommend matching the mother-of-the-bride dress to the wedding theme or complementing it in another way?
We recommend both, depending on the client’s preference. For example, if the wedding theme is pastel colours, our mother-of-the-brides may tend to gravitate towards viewing pastel and neutral tones. Whereas other clients know which colours suit them and what they feel comfortable wearing, so opt for something familiar which compliments.

What styles do you think work well for a mother-of-the-bride?
Although, it is completely personal to the client, classic silhouettes and clean lines are our go-to choices for mother-of-the-bride outfits. The best sellers from our collection are Amesbury, Chelsea and Dudley.

Do you have accessories in store to pull together the final look?
Yes! It is a pleasure to work alongside talented accessory designers such as Dolecka, Somerset Millinery, Jane Taylor London and Emmy London to complement the final look and add a finishing touch to each outfit.

Sassi Holford Womenswear Tewkesbury Dress Blue mother-of-the-bride dress with Emmy London blue shoes and Somerset Millinery hat

To find your perfect mother-of-the-bride or groom dress, we would love to welcome you to our womenswear store. Book a personal styling consultation to try on existing styles or create your bespoke outfit here.

Find mother-of-the-bride styling tips on our Pinterest or Instagram and be inspired by our clients here. Shop our mother-of-the-bride collection here.

Discover Sassi’s guide to elegant mother-of-the-bride dressing.

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