A Greener, Brighter 2022

We want to start the new year as we mean to go on; becoming a more responsible and sustainable brand. You may already know that all of our gowns and ready-to-wear collections are made in England, keeping our carbon footprint low; but a lot more goes on behind the scenes to ensure we’re playing our part in making the bridal industry a ‘greener’ place.

We want to share with you not only what we’re already doing, but also our plans and goals moving forward, so that you know by choosing Sassi Holford to be part of your special day, you are choosing a brand that respects the planet.

Garments with a Conscience

As all of our bridal gowns and ready-to-wear collections are made here in England at our Somerset atelier; it ensures our carbon footprint is as low as possible and also supports British manufacturing which is something we are passionate about. We try our best to source our fabrics from the UK or Europe, again leading to lower emissions and a more eco-friendly production line. We recycle and reuse the majority of our byproducts, putting in to place partnerships with other likeminded business, colleges and charities to make sure they go to the best use. Our ready to wear collections are not only small, but also considered to guarantee they will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, creating many versatile looks for multiple seasons. They are made to last and will work hard for you for years to come, resulting in less fast fashion and more responsibility.

cotton reels

Sustainability Sourced

It is our job and our motivation as an eco conscious brand to become carbon neutral by 2030, and although we have some way to go, we are already well on our way. We are also mindful of the use of plastic packaging materials and now use environmentally friendly alternatives, working with a small supply chain with partners we know and trust are on the same page. As well as our 2030 goal; over the next three years we aim to reduce plastic use by 50% and ensure we recycle 80% of our waste.

Nurturing Talent

We understand the importance of nurturing talent; to ensure our collections are continued to be made in England, every year we take on apprentices so we can pass down our skills and knowledge to the next generation. Our apprentices work along side our team, learning not only their craft, but also their ethos of responsibility in the clothing industry.

Our Partnerships

We try to think outside the box when it comes to recycling and refusing our byproducts. We love to collaborate with brands and businesses that align with our values and as you can see below, we ensure we provide our left over fabric and useable ‘waste’ not only to good causes, but also the future generation of fashion designers; this will hopefully ensure our responsibility ethos carries on through the fashion industry in the years ahead.

  • Phoebe English – We send the brand our offcuts be used to produce fabrics that are then made into stunning sustainable garments.
  • Creating Tomorrow’s Forests – Planting trees to offset our carbon omissions.
  • Lulu – We send our offcuts and they transform them into beautiful hair accessories.
  • Inner Wheel – We supply the highest quality silk to Inner Wheel who make comfort cushions for breast cancer patients.
  • Bridal Reloved – A long term partnership who sell our past season sample stock to brides-to-be.
  • Colleges & Schools – We are proud to say that fabric offcuts over 1 metre are sent to our local fashion college to be used by fashion students for their work. We also offer all fabric cardboard tubes and small fabric offcuts to local primary schools to be used for arts and crafts.

So as you can see, we’re doing a lot to make Sassi Holford a more responsible and ethical brand. We understand there’s not an overnight solution, but instead, we’re choosing to focus on
everything that we can do to make sure we’re giving our brides a dream gown that is not only perfect for her, but that’s also kinder to our planet. You can find out more about our responsibility pledge here.

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