Responsibilities 2023: Where are we?

We know how essential our role is to ensure that the bridal industry becomes a ‘greener’ place, and to offer our brides the most eco-friendly option for their wedding day; which is why this time last year we published the measures that we were taking to become a more responsible and sustainable brand, along with some goals and ideas we had going forward. It was always going to be a longterm learning process, and although we know we’re not there yet, we strive to ensure that we’re continuously researching the best eco-friendly practices. Read on to find out the responsibilities we’re taking in 2023.

  • We are well on track and working hard towards moving over to 100% recycled sewing threads. This may seem like a small part of the dress making process, but over the year, it adds up to a large amount of thread, and we strive to make every aspect as responsible as we can.
  • We are now using plant-based linings which it’s not only kinder to the planet, but it’s also more breathable which is much nicer on the body and lovely to wear. We’re continuing to research FSC certified lining alternatives which is a label given only to products where the materials come from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.
  • Sassi Holford continues to partner with other brands, charities and schools around the UK, by sending our offcuts to be reused and repurposed. This is not only beneficial for us, as a meaningful way to recycle our scrap material, but also for the organisations, as they know they are helping to lower their carbon footprint by working with sustainable products. Read more on the organisations we’ve partnered with here.
  • We are continuing to recycle all the card and paper we use for patterns, something simple and easy to do, but has a big impact. We also aim to reuse as much of our packaging as possible. For example, if we receive a gown in a cardboard box, we will use it for another shipment; if it is unusable, we will recycle it. In addition we strive to be as plastic free as possible, continually researching alternatives.
  • We make sure that we condense shipments from suppliers, to minimise the number of deliveries being made, saving on fuel and lowering the carbon footprint. All of our gowns and ready-to-wear collections continue to be made here in the England. We have also cut down on the frequency of shipments to suppliers both here in the UK and to our American partners.

So as you can see, our responsibilities are important to us and we’ve made steps in the right direction to become a more responsible brand. We are continuously learning and adapting, looking towards the future where we can add more sustainable ways of producing our gowns and ready-to-wear collections.

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