Get To Know: Tor, Production Manager

We sat down with Tor, our Production Manager, to chat about the production process of our handmade wedding dress and why, on her eleventh year of working at Sassi Holford, she is still as dedicated to the company now as when she first started.

You’ve been working for Sassi Holford for 11 years, what enticed you to work for the brand?

I jumped at the opportunity to sew every day and work with beautiful gowns. I loved that I would be part of a passionate, talented team for a renowned brand in Somerset, England.

What does your working day look like?

My role is to manage the sewing and finishing of every gown, alongside training the team and developing the production of the gowns. My day-to-day role is ensuring the dresses are completed to the famously high standard of Sassi Holford gowns and of course ensuring they are shipped in time for every brides wedding day.

Sassi Holford Production Manager in Workrooms Somerset

What did you study and how has your career progressed to the position you are in today?

I always loved to sew, I was taught by my Mum who was taught by her Mum. I’m from a big family of sewers so I knew it was what I wanted to do straight from school. I began my further education by studying a National Diploma in Fashion and Clothing Manufacturing, which also included tailoring, followed by a fashion degree at 18.

I originally applied to be a machinist with the possibility of becoming a Production Supervisor and course representative for the apprenticeship scheme. After two years of doing the role, I was offered my current position as Production Manager and I took the opportunity with both hands! Although I have never been a manager or had specific training, with the support of Sassi, I decided that the role was a great opportunity as I would be able to evolve my leadership skills and grow as a person. I have always been the kind of person who loves working as part of a team and would often take leadership roles in the past whether it be university, college or even sport (I’m very competitive)!

As Production Manager, you are a huge part of the process of every wedding dress at Sassi Holford. How does the process work?

The process begins with an order to our admin team from our stores or stockists. They then work alongside the cutting team and Sassi to process it. Once the cutting team have cut the dress it comes to myself and my team of extremely talented ladies to sew the dress before its quality checked and then sent to the store ready for the bride to try on.

How does your team work and what do you love most about working with them?

One of the best things about my team is everyone is always willing to help and support each other. I have various skills, abilities and experience amongst my team. Everyone has something to contribute to the production process, and my job is to utilise those skills to create an efficient and productive workforce. We really enjoy seeing the real brides photographs, they always look stunning and extremely happy which is very rewarding!

Another important part of my role is the apprenticeship scheme, which I have been involved in since I started at the company. Some of our talented apprentices have even won awards! I’m very passionate about training the future generation by sharing the knowledge and experience of our team.

And finally, what have been your stand out moments of 11 years at Sassi Holford?

Receiving the phone call that I got the job 11 years ago, I was ecstatic and I’ve never looked back!

But my favourite part of my job now is the process of creating the new collection. The entire team are involved and we all work alongside Sassi to bring her visions to life. When working on the collection, I always investigate and explore new technology and ways of making the gowns to get the very best product. Seeing Sassi’s sketches turn into a fully finished gown is very rewarding and I love being part of that.

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