8 Wedding Trends For 2023

2022 was the year of the wedding come back. Gone were restrictions and cancellations, and in were bigger, bolder and happier days. Wedding ceremonies and receptions were held in record numbers here in the UK, giving the wedding industry that much needed boost. Trends come and go, but over the last few years we’ve seen some emerging themes that are sticking around, especially when it comes to sustainability. Smaller weddings, up-cycling and outdoor ceremonies have all become popular and all are a great way to ensure your big day has a small impact on the planet.

Now that couples can plan their big day with excitement again, we’ve decided to look forward to 2023 and let you in on the 8 biggest wedding trends for next year.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers are not only a more sustainable way to create your floral arrangements, using much less water, they’re also stylishly on trend. Lasting much longer, and having the added benefit of being able to treasure them for years to come, dried flower arrangements have been seen in some of the chicest weddings, and can be easily adapted to your style. They’re not just brown and beige either; dried flowers have come a long way in the past decade, and you can now enjoy delicate pastels, and even bold brights, perfect for any colour theme.

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From jewellery to place settings, personalisation is a trend that’s bigger and better than ever before. Whether it’s the couple’s initials, the wedding venue or maybe the date, you can now personalise virtually anything. Bride’s embroidering their partner’s initial somewhere on the dress was one trend that was featured in a Vogue editorial, and that’s something you can easily add to your Sassi Holford gown. Personalised jewellery was also something that bride’s can gift to their bridesmaids to remember the special day, something that is now affordable and readily available.

Flash and Film Photography

A photography trend that has been gaining in popularity over the past 18 months, has been flash and film photography, and it’s set to be even bigger in 2023. Flash photography is not only practical for the darker evening ceremony, it’s also become popular medium for capturing natural, unposed pictures, picking up light from fireworks, candles and sparklers, creating really special moments. Film photography itself, has become a big trend on social media, with a nostalgic feel, it’s the perfect way to get some beautiful images that have the added depth of something more vintage.

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Individual Bridesmaids Dresses

Letting your bridesmaids chose their own dress, has been something of a revolution in modern day weddings. No longer do you have the difficult task of finding one dress to fit all, the mismatched bridesmaid trend is something that can make your wedding planning much easier. Usually sticking to a colour theme, bridesmaids have been finding dresses that flatter their bodies and suit their style, it also looks fantastic in the pictures, as everyone compliments each other in a slightly different way. You’ll find some great options in our ready-to-wear collection which you can view here.

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Outdoor Weddings

Perhaps one good thing to come from the pandemic, is the rise of outdoor weddings. With many being forced to have ceremonies outside, it appears it actually inspired a lot of couples with their choice of location. Usually reserved for warmer climates, venues in the UK had to adapt their outdoor wedding facilities, leading to more options. It’s also a great way to have naturally beautiful locations, with stunning views as your wedding decor in 2023.

Sustainable Weddings

Creating a sustainable wedding has now become easier than ever before, meaning you can create the day of your dreams without compromising your style. Brands, including ours, have been ensuring the wedding industry is giving couples options that are kinder to the planet. All of Sassi’s designs are hand made in England, using locally sourced fabrics, meaning our carbon footprint is kept as low as possible. Recycled paper invites, up-cycling wedding furniture and decorations and keeping your menu local and meat free are just some ways you can stick to the most responsible trend of 2023.

Micro weddings

More intimate and considered weddings have been becoming more popular, and 2023 is set to be no different. Marrying the person you love has become more intimate, and couples are shying away from the ‘big’ day, and creating smaller ceremonies and receptions. This not only means it can be more meaningful, it’s more affordable, and can also be kinder to the environment, keeping your carbon print minimal due to less travel and food needed for guests.

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Male Bridesmaids

Yes, brides have been wanting a way to get their male friends and family members to be part of their big day, and searches of ‘male bridesmaid’ have gone up almost 60% across the UK and US in the past year, and it’s bound to become more popular next year and beyond. Brides with male best friends, have been becoming ‘mates of honour’, ‘man of honour’ or even ‘flowerboys’ and matching their suit to the bridesmaids, a trend that we’re sure will stay a staple of modern weddings. So whether you’re going for mismatched bridesmaids, using dried flowers or having a micro wedding, there are some great trends forecast for 2023 that you can easily incorporate into your big day.

If you’d like to see more of our gowns, head over to our bridal collection page here, or if you want more ideas on how to make your wedding more sustainable you can check our ‘green wedding’ article here.

To start your own dream dress journey, why not book and appointment at one of our stores, you can book online here. Follow us on Instagram to see even more beautiful real Sassi Holford brides.

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