A Bespoke Bridal Journey

Have you always dreamt of wearing a one-of-a-kind wedding dress? We share how we can make your bespoke wedding dress dreams a reality.

We understand that choosing your perfect wedding gown is not just about the big day itself. The process that goes into making your dream dress should be a magical and memorable journey that fills you with excitement every step of the way. We have been offering a complete bespoke bridal experience for many years, so know the detail and understanding that goes into making your dream a reality.

Some brides will grow up imagining their dress down to the very last detail, whilst some will need the help and guidance of our wonderful team; either way, we want our brides-to-be to feel confident that they will look and more importantly feel sensational on their wedding day. Whether it’s starting from scratch with an entirely bespoke look, or perhaps altering an existing style by adding or changing details; we guarantee you’ll be in love with your totally unique Sassi Holford gown.

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The Step by Step Bespoke Journey

When you’ve made an appointment at our London or Taunton store, we usually advise our brides to create a ‘vision board’ to help us get started. You could use pictures from our social media or website; this doesn’t just have to include wedding dress styles, it can be anything that inspires you and your wedding day – colours, fabrics or maybe even a hair style you’ve set your heart on, this will give our team the best insight into your vision. We wrote an easy guide of how to use Pinterest to create a vision board, you can find it here.

Your first appointment is about the team really getting to know you. Although a vision board or pictures of inspiration can help; ultimately meeting our brides gives us the very best impression of your spirit and personality, helping us to get those first ideas down. It’s here that you can try on our gowns and get a feel for what styles you are drawn to and what best suits you. You can also see and feel what our fabrics and embellishments look like in real life, which is always the best way to decide what will work with your final look.

Your second appointment will be where the real magic happens. You will be shown a selection of our fabrics and initial sketches of your gown. It is here that you can request Sassi herself be with you to help with the design. Once the final look has been agreed, extensive measurements will be taken and a toile (a mock-up of your gown bodice made in canvas) will be made to check fit and style lines. The dress will be made in our atelier in Somerset, like all of our bridal and ready-to-wear collections; ensuring it’s responsible as well as beautiful. Any final adjustments will happen during your fittings, ensuring it is perfect.

sassi holford atelier

Bespoke Adjustments

Another way you can create a bespoke wedding dress with us, is by having unique and individual adjustments made. This largely follows the same process of the total bespoke journey, but rather than starting from scratch, you can turn one of our existing wedding dress designs into a style that works for you. Some brides love the skirt or neckline of one gown, and the sleeves and fabric of another, so we can also combine designs to make a one-of-a-kind gown just for you. Some brides prefer this option as they can try on dresses, drape and pin fabric to have a real feel of what the finished garment will look like. We can also complete smaller alterations by adding sleeves, or styling your gown with jackets and overskirts creating two looks in one, a great way for a bride who wants a versatile wedding outfit to transition throughout the day.

We are committed to creating a bespoke journey that is perfect for our brides. We know it can feel overwhelming when choosing to design a one-of-a-kind dress, but our talented and experienced bridal team are here to guarantee that your vision is realised and that you are confident and glowing in your gown, that’s as unique and special as you are.

Book an appointment to start your wedding dress journey.

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