A Step-by-Step Guide to a Bespoke Wedding Dress

The process that goes into making your dream gown should be a magical and memorable journey that fills you with excitement every step of the way. We have been offering a bespoke bridal experience since Sassi started her brand over 40 years ago, so we know the detail and understanding needed to turn your dream into reality. Whether it’s starting from scratch with an entirely bespoke look, or perhaps altering a style we already have by adding or changing details; we guarantee you’ll be in love with your unique Sassi Holford gown.

We sit down with our London store manager, Sanda, who gives us an insight to how her and her team provide our bespoke experience. 

For you and the team, how does the process of creating a bespoke gown begin?
Most bridal appointments start with an informal chat to help us get to know the bride, her personality, style and mood for her wedding day. We also find out if she has tried on dresses before, what styles she feels most comfortable in and if she has a vision board for her wedding dress. It is very important for us, as stylists, to get to know the bride as the dress must represent her personality and be a perfect fit. Once we have gotten to know the bride better, we begin the process by trying on existing silhouettes and show how we can customise the dress by mixing and matching elements from other designs to visualise the final look. If the bride wants to pursue a completely bespoke gown, we will sketch an initial design, source fabric swatches and book her in for a second appointment with Sassi for a bespoke consultation where the design process will continue.

Sassi Holford Fabric Swatch

What is the best way for a bride to convey her ideas to you; how do you work together to make the dream a reality?
Pinterest boards, Instagram saves and images of the bride in dresses she may have already tried on help build a picture of what she is looking for and guide our suggestions. We will often pick styles a bride may not have thought of but it helps to rule out what they don’t like and what parts they are comfortable with. Having a strong visual by the end of the appointments is key, as this helps expectations for the design are as close as possible, before we start the production. It’s really important for us to get to know the bride, her personality and what parts of her body she is most comfortable with. 

What do you do when a bride has no idea where to start – how do you help her find her inspiration?
Trying on a range of dresses often helps to spark ideas and inspiration. We will encourage the bride to select a few gowns to try, and will guide them through the collection to ensure they have tried all possible shapes and styles to help her feel confident in her decisions. 

Sassi Holford Somerset Store

What’s the best part of helping a bride design a bespoke gown?
Creating a gown that is completely unique to our bride that makes them feel their most beautiful and confident self – that’s the best part! It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that you have been part of their special day.

And finally, what’s the best advice you can give a bride who wants to design a bespoke gown?

  • Don’t try to mix too many ideas together – less is more! Your stylist will help you to prioritise the elements most important to you.
  • Make sure you have tried on a wide range of silhouettes and styles before you decide on a bespoke dress.
  • Communicate your ideals and priorities clearly with your stylist.
  • And most importantly – trust the process! 

We are committed to creating a bespoke journey that is perfect for you. We know it can feel overwhelming when choosing to design a one of a kind dress, but our talented and experienced bridal team are here to guarantee that your vision is realised and that you are confident and glowing in your gown. 

You can find even more details on the step-by-step bespoke process here.

Discover our Pinterest and Instagram and book an appointment with our stores here to begin your wedding dress journey.

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