One Wedding Dress, Multiple Bridal Looks

You’ve found your dream gown; it’s perfect and exactly as you imagined. But, what if there was away to elevate your bridal vision further and transform your look from day to night? Why not consider two (or maybe even three!) looks for your big day without changing out of one dress. “How!?”, I hear you ask. Well, it’s a lot easier and simpler than you may think.

It’s all about utilising the best kept secret of many a bride…incredible wedding accessories. Small changes such as swapping out your traditional wedding veil and shoes, down to removable sleeves and overskirts; there are many simple ways that will enable you to have several looks in one. Gone are the days when it was seen as super glamorous to have a different look for your ceremony and reception; 2021 brides know it’s practical too! The obvious advantage is creating a more traditional look for your ceremony; whether that be religious or civil, many brides prefer to be more covered. This also works well for Autumn and Winter wedding days, where you’ll want to stay warmer during day time, but have the freedom to remove layers, and feel more relaxed for
your evening party. We’re lucky enough to work with some incredible accessory brands, including Sassi Holford’s own sister brand ‘The Couture Veil’, and ‘Dolecka Bridal’ who create stunning wedding headpieces – so we’ve put together our guide to some of our favourite tips and tricks of how using transformational bridal accessories can instantly revamp your entire look.

Jackets, Overskirts and Detachable Sleeves

Having removable pieces on your wedding gown is another fantastic way to completely transform your look. By removing sleeves, or a jacket you can instantly radiate a more relaxed feel. The
Marnie and Sienna jackets are perfect for those brides that want a long sleeve day time look, or, if you’re looking for a stylish impact, why not try our stunning Kitty jacket. We can also make detachable sleeves to your specification to ensure you get the right look for you. If you’d like to create a different silhouette entirely, why not try a detachable layer. With our Jessica overskirt you can go from enthrallingly ethereal, to sophisticated and sleek in one quick swap. There are infinite ways to change your gown, quickly and easily, that will make you feel
perfect for every part of your day.



Brides have been using a wedding veil to modify their look for years. It’s already common to remove your veil for the reception, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular. Veils instantly add a breath taking layer to your gown, creating drama and tradition for your ceremony. Some brides are now choosing to marry in a bespoke bridal veil, which specifically compliments their dress, something we’ve seen a lot at The Couture Veil, it can truly transform your look. You can create the illusion of a lace overlay, an added colour palette or even a fuller skirt. Whether you want a traditional or a more modern look, a veil is a simple way to get two styles for your big day.


From tiaras, to headbands – wedding headpieces can change your look from day to night in an instant. They are also a great way to experiment with colour and texture, without going out of your comfort zone. Brides often choose a subtle palette for their day time look, so adding a headpiece is a useful tool to add the colour pop you want, without compromising the dress itself. We stock a collection of bewitching headpieces from Dolecka Bridal, a brand committed to bring your wedding hair accessories dream to life. From delicate feathers, to irresistible jewels and pearls; whatever your aesthetic, you’re guaranteed to find the headpiece for you.


Wedding shoes are the one part of your outfit you may be able to wear again and again; perfect for anniversaries and special occasions. Finding a pair of exquisite shoes that suit all parts of your day can sometimes prove difficult; so adding an evening pair can add a different layer to your bridal look. A pop of colour or maybe some glitzy gems to create some glam vibes for the
evening. Both Malone Souliers and Emmy London create stunning shoes perfect for both day and night. Again, using colour and texture to add a different dimension – the limits are endless!

Real Brides

Don’t just take our word for it; check out some of our stunning brides and their transformational wedding looks.
Lily: Lily wears a bespoke gown, combining two styles complete with a pearl bodice and removable sleeves for her evening reception.
Hannah: Hannah wears the Sassi Holford ‘Verity’ gown teamed with her bespoke ‘Georgina’ jacket, creating a truly unique look for day and night.
Jess: Jess is wearing a bespoke gown with removable sleeves and overskirt creating a sultry sophisticated look for the evening reception.
Caitlin: Caitlin wears the incredible ‘Sienna’ jacket over the beautiful ‘Saskia’ gown. Creating too simple, yet utterly elegant looks in one.

Photographer: Colin Ross

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