8 Stylish destinations for a wedding abroad

Regardless of whether you’re planning to elope or just want to keep the guest list short, a wedding abroad is a wonderfully intimate way to go. Over on our Instagram, we ran a poll to assess what destinations are the most popular among our brides, and the results proved to be surprising.

There is almost an even split in those considering a wedding abroad with 58% saying they would. Interestingly 89% would choose to marry in the countryside over a city. And when it came to where brides are looking to get married, Italy came out on top, even when matched against the Caribbean. Keep scrolling to discover our favourite locations for summer and winter weddings, the perfect bridal gowns, as well as a wild card for the more daring brides…

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Wedding: Laura & Suzie

Summer Wedding Destinations

From our poll, we discovered 75% of our brides would rather whisk their loved ones away for a summer wedding. Relishing in quality time with the ones you love in a gorgeous villa before and after your nuptials, while catching a natural tan can only be a remedy for success. Hiring a wedding planner will ensure you navigate any language and distance barriers too. You can simply get lost in the romance of running away to a foreign country. Here are our top summer wedding destinations. 

Italy - Wedding Destinations - Sassi Holford Magazine


Picture a garden party among the olive leaves and lemon trees of Tuscany dining on a charcuterie table of Italian cheeses and bruschetta. Or possibly saying your vows on a cliff-edge overlooking the treasure trove towns and dramatic coastline of the Almalfi Coast. There’s also the option of an Italian feast while the stars reflect on the water of Lake Garda, followed by a pizza and gelato pool party.

For undeniable opulence consider a Venetian wedding, where you’re sure to find an enchanting venue steeped in history. Whatever you choose, an Italian backdrop never fails to provide grace and allure. The perfect place to start living la dolce vita together.

Our recommended wedding dress:

France - Wedding Destinations - Sassi Holford Magazine


Known for its chic style and decadent history, France has much to offer a wedding party. Live out a regal fantasy by booking a château in the Loire Valley where a classic wedding gown will look right at home; discover Oliver’s Travels spectacular château listings. 

If you’d prefer something less extravagant, a small gathering on the Riviera might be more to your taste. Welcome your guests with a cocktail de Bienvenu and simple hors d’oeuvres before tying the knot beside the dazzling waters of the Côte d’Azur.

Our recommended wedding dress:

Greece - Wedding Destinations - Sassi Holford Magazine


Marry the love of your life in the land of ancient myths and legends including Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Embrace the beauty of Mediterranean style, and choose from a variety of stunning Greek islands including Santorini and Mykonos; each unique but bound together by the beauty and richness of Greece’s charm.

Reams of rattan, pink Bougainvilleas against white walls, wonky architecture, rose gold light, chilled DJ-sets and endless happy hours. It’s easy to turn up the volume here. A big, fat, Greek wedding is an opportunity to celebrate the union of your families. Feed the masses before smashing plates and glasses to symbolise, throwing away your old life and embarking on a new one together.

Our recommended wedding dress:

Caribbean - Wedding Destinations - Sassi Holford Magazine


Over 7000 vibrant islands that are deliciously mellow, the Caribbean’s tropical climate lends itself to a sun-drenched wedding; the best time to visit is the dry season between December and May. Sun-worshippers will adore the white sand beaches, while adventurers will be satisfied exploring the off-shore reefs and luscious rainforests.

Choosing just one island is a task in itself. Our favourites include the luxurious St Barths, the well-preserved beaches of Nevis, and the food-haven that is Jamaica. Marrying in the Caribbean is a wedding and honeymoon rolled into one. So feel free to calm any pre-wedding jitters with a daiquiri and walk the aisle barefoot, anything goes here.

Our recommended wedding dress:


Summer wedding dresses by Sassi Holford

Sassi Holford Summer Wedding Dresses | Wedding Destinations Abroad

From left to right: Ottilie, Mischa, Rochelle, Annabel

Winter Wedding Destinations

While not as popular as a summer wedding, getting married in winter does have a certain appeal. Firstly, you’ve already accepted the weather will be unpredictable, which can alleviate a lot of stress. Then there are the other bonuses such as getting more for your money and a lower chance of overlapping with other wedding dates. Above all else, there is a cosy and enchanting feeling that comes with cooler temperatures, warmer colour palettes and of course, a snowy white scene.

Ireland - Wedding Destinations - Sassi Holford Magazine

5. Wild and whimsical | Ireland

Beyond the bustle of Dublin, Ireland has vast amounts of breathtaking countryside, ancient castles, and rugged coastline that will steal your heart;, especially in the country’s south-west. Its cinematic appeal lies in both its brooding landscape and the warm and welcoming culture it’s famous for.

Although it can’t promise clear blue skies, the weather often makes for epic scenes come rain or shine. You’ll find it easy to discover a special venue with a story, and even easier to find an atmospheric place to host your reception. Whether you choose to party in a tent lit by fairy lights or a homey local pub, with Irish luck on your side, it’s sure to be an evening you won’t forget. 

Our recommended wedding dress:

Norway - Wedding Destinations - Sassi Holford Magazine


Scandi-style is an iconic minimalist aesthetic that’s unlikely to ever fall out of fashion, making Norway a timeless wedding backdrop. Make your declaration of love in a mesmeric snow and ice chapel, escape to this off-grid tree-house outside of Oslo or treat your guests to a reception under the icy waters of Lindesnes.

Norway is a truly spellbinding destination for your nuptials. Start your life as a married couple exploring Norway’s majestic towns including Røros, the inspiration for Disney’s Frozen, hiking glaciers and waterfalls and trying to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. 

Our recommended wedding dress:

New York - Wedding Destinations - Sassi Holford Magazine


Wed in a metropolis that encompasses the entire world. Albeit suitable for a summer wedding, we’d rather a crisp Christmas wedding in the city that never sleeps over a sweltering one. Get married surrounded by a plethora of cuisine, culture and comforting chaos that can only be found in the big apple.

From grand hotels in Manhattan to secret-gardens in Brooklyn, style and substance hold hands here, so it’s likely your wedding will too. A divine destination for both an intimate elopement and a large family celebration, there is a firm reason New York is the background for so many romantic films.  

Our recommended wedding dress:


Winter wedding dresses by Sassi Holford

Winter Wedding Dresses | Sassi Holford

From left to right: Phillipa, Elizabeth, Rosalynd, Isobel

And the one who nearly got away…

Vegas - Wedding Destinations - Sassi Holford Magazine

8. Viva Las Vegas | Vegas

No, this is not a mistake. Stay with us because we’d like to convince you that a Vegas wedding can be what you make it. Look at Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas who took the pre-wedding pressure off by making their first round of vows in The Little White Wedding Chapel with Elvis’s pink Cadillac parked out front; they had a more sophisticated event in France later in the year. Frank Sinatra, Joan Collins and Michael Jordan also got married here.

Tying the knot in Sin City can be relatively inexpensive, and there are so many fun ways to do it from vows in the desert to saying ‘I do’ on a rollercoaster. There’s also an abundance of edgy photo opportunities from The Neon Museum to the Red Rock Canyon. Ultimately, Vegas is the destination for the spontaneous and free-spirited, so why not throw caution to the wind.  

Our recommended wedding dress:


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